Shakea Miller is the founder and operator of 1 On 1 Technical College. She has a background in the healthcare industry and has been certified in everything offered at the college. She laid the groundwork for her healthcare careers when attending a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) preparatory school and attended a Allied Health school to become a Medical Assistant. She obtained their certification and launched successful careers in many other fields before deciding to open a college. She owns a 1 On 1 Staffing & Wellness Clinic and she thought it would go hand and hand to open a school to train students and staff them in their new careers. This entrepreneur takes great pride in understanding healthcare dynamics, supply and demand and the overarching industry evolution. It didn’t take long for Shakea to determine the East Alabama and surrounding areas needed a resource for top-notch medical education. She formed 1 On 1 Technical College to fulfill this need.